20:20 Print Exchange

Cumbria Printmakers are taking part for the first time in the 20:20 Print Exchange run by Hotbed Press. The 20:20 refers to the size of the prints, which are 20cm x 20cm and each artist has to produce an edition of 25 prints which are then swapped with other workshops.

This years 20:20 has attracted a large number of artists from many workshops across the UK, Ireland and further afield and we are excited to have Islensk Grafik in Reykjavik, Iceland as a guest international workshop this year.

There are 43 print workshops and printmaking groups taking part and approximately 500 artists, with a good mix of experienced workshops and new workshops to the exchange. Altogether that totals around 12,500 prints. Hotbed have a new 20:20 website which they will be adding to and updating from time to time linking to each Printshops website so that everyone can see each other and get an overview of who is taking part. When it is running it will be posted on here.

The 20:20 On Tour:

Venues for the 20:20 tour in 2016 start with Neo:Artists Gallery in Bolton in January and move on to West Yorkshire Print Workshop in February-March before heading further afield on a national tour.

Cumbria Printmakers will receive a selection of prints which will form a forthcoming exhibition in November 2015.

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